Build scalable infrastructure, the right way.

Mix vServers, pServers, DNS, Object Storage and our global network
to build the best infrastructure for your projects.

Pay only for what you use. No credit card required.

Cloud solutions that work

The cloud solutions from TortoiseLabs are built on top of nearly a decade of experience and industry leadership in cloud computing.
Unlike many of our competitors, we have built our own platform from the ground up, instead of using pre-made software.
This means we fully understand the technology behind our platform, as we invented it.


Build amazing applications with our virtual infrastructure, backed by the best network and bandwidth allocations in the industry. For memory-intensive tasks, scale all the way up to 12GB of RAM per instance.

We know virtualization — our team was doing cloud computing before anyone else.


If our virtualized infrastructure is not enough for your application's demanding requirements, consider using our dedicated server line. Our dedicated servers are manageable using similar APIs to our virtualized servers, so you can manage your physical infrastructure using the same workflows as your virtualized infrastructure.

Many configurations can be initially deployed within 24 hours.


The Domain Name System (DNS) maps names to IP addresses. Our DNS service is fully API driven and can be used to route around infrastructure failures, adding additional service redundancy.

The DNS service converges with our monitoring service to automatically modify records which correspond to infrastructure that is online or offline.

Pay only for what you use. No credit card required.